Treating Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

If you have been diagnosed with hand arm vibration syndrome there are some treatments available depending on the severity of the condition. If the HAVS condition is very severe it has been known for the symptoms to be irreversible in some cases so it is important to acknowledge the symptoms early so that HAVS does not worsen. Indeed a recent study from Japan suggested that the earlier the disease the more likely there would be a recovery from the symptoms.

Importantly, if you have been diagnosed with HAVS then you need to either stop working with the machinery that caused the injury or you need to work out a plan of action with your employer that will see your exposure to the machinery lessened significantly. If your symptoms are mild it is possible that ceasing the work with the offending vibrating equipment may reduce or eradicate the HAVS symptoms entirely. For more severe cases this is less likely.

Smoking may make the symptoms of HAVS worse because smoking is known to affect the circulatory system in the body, so if you are a HAVS sufferer you should seriously consider stopping smoking.

There are some drugs and substances that may bring on symptoms in some sufferers. These include betablockers, decongestants, some anti-migraine tablets and sometimes the contraceptive pill. There is also some evidence to suggest that caffeine can bring on symptoms in some.

A key factor to try to lessen symptoms is to keep not only your hands warm, but your whole body. If your symptoms are severe, cold weather can trigger HAVS pain so wear gloves, and wrap up warm when possible.

Touching cold objects such as frozen items can bring on symptoms so try not to do this where possible and limit the time to a minimum if you must. If you feel a bout of HAVS in your hands you could run your hands under warm water to try to get relief.

In terms of prescription drugs, some HAVS sufferers are prescribed a drug called nifedipine which helps by opening up the blood vessels.